Welcome to the Jungle…Bako National Park

Our first real run in with the untamed jungle of Borneo, Malaysia was in Bako National Park. It is only a couple hour journey by bus then private boat from Sarawak’s capital, Kuching.  Once you step onto the dock of the park you feel as though you have entered another world.

Coming here felt like entering The Jungle Book.  The jungle is thick and filled with the type of wild life you normally only get to see in nature documentaries.  You assume they are filmed in some unreachable remote corner of the world.  On Borneo it all seems to be right in your back yard.

This is where we had our first of many sightings of Borneo’s proboscis monkeys.  We also saw some wild boars families, as well as some stunning insect and plant life.  Here are a few photos.


Wild boar.



Fiddler crabs with their one giant claw.


Carnivorous pitcher plant.




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